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McIntyre Scratch League

24th May:    Overtoun V Vale of Leven

31st May:    Overtoun V Clober

07th June:   Dumbarton V Overtoun

14th June:    Overtoun V Clydebank & Dist.

21st June:   Overtoun V Helensburgh

28th June:    The Carrick V Overtoun

05th July:     Cardross V Overtoun

McIntyre 5-8 League

23rd Apr:     Overtoun V Hilton Park

07th May:    Vale of Leven V Overtoun

21st May:     Overtoun V Douglas Park

04th June:     Hayston V Overtoun

18th June:      Dumbarton V Overtoun

16th July:       Overtoun V Clydebank &



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Thomson McCrone league


16th April:     Overtoun V Bearsden

30th April:      Cawder V Overtoun

14th May:      Douglas Park V Overtoun 

28th May:      Overtoun V Cawder

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